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It has been awhile….

It has been awhile since I posted…and for that I am sorry. ¬†Alot going on but I will be posting again soon….hang in there



Win a free Epiphanie Bag

Enter to win a free Epiphanie Bag at!!!!

Enter a contest

Enter the contest at Consumer Crafts and win $250 worth of prizes!!!!!

Win a Rotary Trimmer from

Here is the link to try to win that trimmer from AllChristmascrafts!!!!

Favorite cookie design from Gourmet Cookie Designs

I think my favorite thank you cookie design would be the teddy bear design!!!!




Here is Circular Brick Stitch earrings….I like the fact the dark pinks and lite pinks work so well together.


Ankle Bracelet


Here is the first ankle bracelet I have made. I love the gold and blue bicones.